"Lee has a knack for seeing to the heart of an issue and suggesting effective ways to understand and reframe your thinking ... Lee has a great deal to offer to any executive who is dealing with personal and/or professional challenges individually or with a team."



David Ellett



About Lee Hayward


Lee Hayward, principal and founder of Hayward & Associates, has dedicated his life to increased understanding of how to inspire and motivate individuals and organizations. Equally effective as a corporate organizational development consultant, a speaker, a human resources executive or providing specialized leadership training, Lee brings tremendous experience, training, and personal insight to each undertaking.  

As an ordained United Methodist Church pastor, Lee pastored churches in a variety of settings: suburban, rural, small and large city environs. As a result of working effectively with a congregation of Silicon Valley senior leaders, he was drawn to work with individuals seeking to integrate their personal values in the workplace. He works regularly with executives in the corporate world and offers special insights to spiritual lay leaders and clergy with responsibility to local congregations and extension ministries in a variety of judicatories.

He is deeply committed to serving both his clients and the community, and his professional and personal contributions have been honored on several occasions. The Tom Peters Company named him Featured Leadership Development Director in 2005, NASA named him Contract Employee of the Year 2004, the State of California Legislature, 26th Assembly District awarded him a commendation for outstanding contributions to exceptional children, and the City of Milpitas Declared a "Lee Hayward Day" in recognition Hayward's contributions to their community.



Among his other credentials, Lee is a graduate of the Newfield Network School of Ontological Coaching, and certification as a coach through Newfield (NCOC) and the International Coach Federation (ICF). Lee currently resides in San Jose with his wife of 35 years, Linda, and has two children, Katharine and Thomas.

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